Zul'Gurub Raid Guide

Based on the original guide written by Ratboy September 2005


1,500 years before the opening of the Dark Portal,[1] the powerful Gurubashi Empire was torn apart by a massive civil war. An influential group of troll priests, known as the Atal'ai, called forth the avatar of an ancient and terrible blood-god named Hakkar the Soulflayer. Though the priests were defeated and ultimately exiled, the great troll empire collapsed upon itself. The exiled priests fled far to the north, into the Swamp of Sorrows, where they erected a great temple to Hakkar in order to prepare for his arrival into the physical world.

In time, the Atal'ai priests discovered that Hakkar's physical form could only be summoned within the ancient capital of the Gurubashi Empire. It was in Zul'Gurub that Jin'do the Hexxer enslaved several high priests of the Gurubashi to aid him in summoning their dread god, Hakkar the Soulflayer, into Azeroth.

In order to quell the blood god, the trolls of the land banded together and sent a contingent of High Priests into the ancient city. Each priest was a powerful champion of the Primal Gods - Bat, Panther, Tiger, Spider, and Snake - but despite their best efforts, they fell under the sway of Hakkar. The champions and their Primal God aspects started feeding the awesome power of the Soulflayer


Before the bosses in Zul Gurub there is one thing that needs to be dealt with; the "Paragon of Power" drops from the Instance. To quote a member of my guild; "ZG will be the undoing of many an unorganized guild", and this statement holds true to those who go into Zul'Gurub without first deciding on "Loot Rules".

The Paragons of Power, are 3 different styles of items that drop off of enemies in Zul'Gurub. The first style of items is the green coins; these coins are needed for class quests in Zul'Gurub (5 of one kind, and 5 of another kind per quest). Also, the coins are used in reputation increasing quests (these quests requiring 1 of 3 different types of coins). The coins are usable by the following classes for their respective quests:

Green Coin Classes
Bloodscalp Priest, Rogue, Warrior, Warlock, Paladin, Shaman
Gurubashi Druid, Hunter, Mage, Warrior, Warlock, Shaman
Hakkari Priest, Druid, Rogue, Hunter, Warlock, Shaman
Razzashi Priest, Druid, Mage, Rogue, Hunter, Shaman
Sandfury Priest, Druid, Mage, Hunter, Warrior, Paladin
Skullsplitter Rogue, Hunter, Warrior, Warlock, Paladin, Shaman
Vilebranch Druid, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Warlock, Paladin
Witherbark Priest, Mage, Warrior, Warlock, Paladin, Shaman
Zulian Priest, Druid, Mage, Rogue, Hunter, Paladin

After the coins of Zul'Gurub are the bijous. The bijous are similar to the coins, except they are rare items and do not drop nearly as frequently, also you only need 2 bijous of one specific color to complete a quest as opposed to 5 like the coins. Bijous can also be traded in for an honor token with the Zandalar Trolls to increase reputation. The bijous are usable by the following classes for their respective quests:

Bijou Classes
Blue Mage, Rogue, Shaman
Bronze Priest, Druid, Warrior
Gold Rogue, Paladin, Shaman
Green Druid, Hunter, Warrior
Orange Priest, Mage, Warlock
Purple Rogue, Paladin, Shaman
Red Druid, Warlock, Paladin
Silver Mage, Hunter, Warlock
Yellow Priest, Hunter, Warrior

Finally, we are left with the "epic" level Paragons; the Primals. These items drop only off the bosses of Zul'Gurub (1 drop per boss, and completely random on which specific Primal may drop). Unlike the coins and bijous these items may not be traded in for reputation, and are usable only for the class quests in Zul'Gurub. It is important to know which class can make use of these items as they are "Bind on Pickup" unlike the other paragons. The paragons are also used in the enchantments that you can earn with reputation as described in section 1.2 - NPCs and Reputation Rewards. The Primal paragons are usable by the following classes for their respective quests and enchantments:

Paragon of Power Needed for Classes Quest Needed for Classes Enchantment
Aegis Priest, Rogue, Hunter Warrior
Armsplint Rogue, Warrior, Shaman Warlock
Bindings Mage, Hunter, Paladin Druid
Girdle Rogue, Warrior, Shaman Mage
Kossack Mage, Warrior, Warlock Rogue
Sash Priest, Druid, Warlock Shaman
Shawl Mage, Hunter, Paladin Paladin
Stanchion Priest, Druid, Warlock Hunter
Tabard Druid, Paladin, Shaman Priest

The above information is meant to give you an idea of the different drops that come from Zul'Gurub, however it is up to you on how you and your guild / pickup raid want to handle the distribution of these items.

We have also consolidated all of the above information into an easy to use reference sheet. You can download it below in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

One thing to be aware of with reputation gaining in Zul'Gurub is that you will only gain faction off enemies from the Instance up to halfway through Revered. Once you become revered with the Zandalar Trolls, you have to turn in honor tokens to get higher. It is suggested you do not turn in any items to the trolls for Honor Tokens until you are revered and have stopped gaining reputation by killing MOBs.

NPCs and Reputation Rewards

The NPC's that start the quests for Zul'Gurub are located on Yojambe Isle. Yojambe Isle is located in the north west corner of Stranglethorn Vale. As well as starting quests, they provide rewards that you can buy when you reach a required level of reputation.

NPCs on Yojambe Isle:

When you reach the required level of reputation wth Rin'Wosho The Trader he will sell you the following itesm for 5 gold each.

Friendly reputation needed

Honored rep needed

Revered rep needed

Exalted rep needed

Zul'Gurub Enchants

For the head and leg enchants there is 1 enchant available for each class. The enchant can be place on either item or both. To gain access to these enchants you must have friendly rep with Zandalar, and then start the quests from Zanza the Restless, inside ZG, at top of tower with long stairs. The tower is just after Venoxis, in front of where you either turn right to go to Mar'li and Mandokir, or turn left for Thekal and Arlokk.

They all require a completed Arcanum from a Libram+mats turnin in DM library, a Primal Hakkari item, and a Punctured Voodoo Doll for that class. Punctured Voodoo Doll's are most often found in the Jinxed Hoodoo Piles around the instance. They're Jinxed because they have a chance of MCing (mind control) the person looting it, or someone nearby. The Voodoo dolls are used for these enchants and the epic ZG trinkets .

Druid - Animist's Caress +10Stam +10Int +24heal Primal Hakkari Bindings, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Protection

Hunter - Falcon's Call +24Rngd-attk +10Stam +1%Hit Primal Hakkari Stanchion, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Rapidity

Mage - Presence of Sight +18spells +1%hit-spells Primal Hakkari Girdle, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Focus

Paladin - Syncretist's Sigil +10Stam +7Def +24healing Primal Hakkari Shawl, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Protection

Priest - Prophetic Aura +10Stam +4mana/5sec +24heal Primal Hakkari Tabard, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Focus

Rogue - Death's Embrace +28Attk +1%Dge Primal Hakkari Kossack, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Rapidity

Shaman - Vodouisant's Vigilant Embrace +15Int +13spells Primal Hakkari Sash, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Focus

Warlock - Hoodoo Hex +10stam +18spells Primal Hakkari Armsplint, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Focus

Warrior - Presence of Might +10stam +7Def +15shieldBlock Primal Hakkari Aegis, Punctured Voodoo Doll, Arcanum of Protection

For the Zul'Gurub shoulder enchants you must turn in 15 Zandalar honor tokens. The enchants available are as follows:

Zandalar Signet of Serenity - +33 healing Zandalar Signet of Mojo - +18 spells Zandalar Signet of Might - +30 attack

High Priestess Jeklik

Jeklik is the first boss located in the Zul'Gurub Instance. Her aspect is that of the "bat" and her area is easily found as it is surrounded by various different bat mobs.

Mobs Surrounding Jeklik

There are two types of special mobs that surround the area around Jeklik. These two mobs are; elite bat riders and non-elite bats. The bats can be AoE'd to death rather quickly (or tamed if hunters wish to tame one), however the riders are a different matter entirely.

The Bat Rider mobs deal about 1000 damage per hit, but they can be tanked easily enough. The part of note with these mobs is that, at any point past 50% they will begin to "flare up" (fire around the wings of the mobs) and explode for serious damage (about 5k) to anyone who is in range. Before the bat Rider explodes he wll send an "emote" (a verbal warning) in addition to the "flare up". It is essential to back off when a bat rider is going to explode. The bat rider freezes, and doesn't attack or anything, after the emote, and you have just enough time to get out of the damage radius. It's easier if you run sideways (strafe) away from them, as turning around and then running often takes too long.

Jeklik's Abilities

Jeklik has several abilities that she uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Bat Summon: For the first phase of the fight (bat form), Jeklik will summon swarms of bats to her aid. A mage needs to pull these mobs off Jeklik ASAP and begin AoE'ing them. As of Patch 1.12 the bats will no longer explode like the earlier MOBS.

Healing: At 50% Jeklik transforms back into troll form and starts to heal herself. Her heal will restore 50% health, so it MUST be interrupted by any means possible (kicks, shield bashes, etc, etc).

Screech: Jeklik will unleash a sonic screech attack that does fair damage (about 800) and will silence all those affected. Casters need to stay out of range from this attack or be unable to cast. This attack will only happen in Batform.

Bat Fire: Also at her 50% troll form, Jeklik will summon a bat rider to fly overhead and drop down fire bombs on the party. These bombs hit for about 1100hp and leave a 250 damage DOT. The fire will remain on the floor as the battle continues. If you remain in the fire or pass through it again, the DOT will continue to effect you. The bat that drops bombs is not targetable, so do not waste your time trying.


The main tank should grab agro from Jeklik and keep on her while the other members of the group drop DPS and heals as needed. Sometimes Jeklik will break agro and charge random members of the raid, so be sure to run to the main tank if you are targeted.

As with many of the bosses in Zul'Gurub many of Jekliks abilities rely on mana. For this reason if you can drain all of her mana and keep it down you will have a much easier fight. Many groups dedicate two Warlocks to draining duty on many of the bosses. While 2 warlocks are ideal combining mana drain, mana burn and viper sting (from warlocks, priests and hunters) is also a valid way to manage their mana.

Once the first batch of bats is spawned it is imperative to pull them away from the main tank (most likely a priest's heal will draw agro anyways). Once they are pulled away from the main tank, blast them to death with AoE's. You can also sit under the cliff with a few mages who can frost nova lock them, and burn them with typical AoE spells (blastwave, etc, etc).

Once Jeklik hits the 50% mark she will transform back into humanoid form. While in humanoid form you must keep her from using her heal ability. Rogue kicks, warior shield bashes, are all essential to keep her from regaining 50% health.

During this phase of the fight, the part should break apart and scatter to prevent mass damage from the fire bombs that get dropped at this phase in the fight. The bombs will remain on the ground after being dropped, so it is important to keep moving as well. It is best to have the main tank pull Jeklik away from the area where the bats land so that you are not dealing with the fire as well.

There are rumors that if you pull Jeklik all the way to the furthest wall for her starting point that she will be out of range to summon the bat adds, making the fight much easier. We have not confirmed this though.

With all this in mind, once Jeklik reaches the 50% mark it is simply a matter of DPS' to take the High Priestess down.

High Priest Venoxis

Venoixis is the second boss located in the Zul'Gurub Instance. His aspect is that of the "snake" and his area is found in a side temple filled with snake like monsters.

Mobs Surrounding Venoxis

There are no "special" mobs that surround Venoxis, however there are lots of the standard Razzashi snake mobs guarding his lair. Be prepared for pull of up to six snakes in one go. Beware of the AoE poison blast that the snakes emit.

Venoxis Abilities

Venoxis has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Holy Fire: Venoxis drops down a "Holy Fire" special attack that deal about 800 damage and leaves a magic DOT stacked on the tank. This attack is minor and the DOT will not do tons of damage, but it should be dispelled.

AoE Venom Spit: During the fight, Venoxis will shoot out an AoE spit attack that poisons everyone in the group. Shamans should be dispelling this poison as quickly as possible (keep an eye on low health cloth wearers first).

Holy Wraith: If Venoxis has multiple players in range he will unleash his anti-zerg "Holy Wraith" ability. This AoE Holy Nova, will deal HUGE damage and will wipe the raid (recorded screenshots show up to 19,000 damage criticals!). The only defense to this ability is not to zerg Venoxis. This attack hits like a Shaman's Lightning attack and branches on to members of the raid.

Poison Cloud: At 50% and in his Snake form, Venoxis will drop poison clouds that place dots of about 500 damage every 3 seconds. Do not walk into these clouds, if they spawn on you, you will need it to be removed or likely face death.


The four snake adds that come with Venoxis need to be sheeped/sleeped by druids and mages. When an add dies, it will increase the damage dealt by Venoxis and much like the Garr encounter in Molten Core, it is best to keep these mobs "held" until the fight is over.

The main tank should pull Venoxis to the left side wall of the room, while the mages and druids pull the adds to the entrance of the room and keep them sheeped/sleeped there while the fight goes on.

The fight itself is simply a drop of DPS onto Venoxis, the first stage (humanoid form) is easy to handle, but all characters in combat with Venoxis need to back off at about 55% or risk having the Holy Wraith AoE wipe the group.

The fight as with most bosses in Zul'Gurub can become very easy if you keep Venoxis drained of mana. Almost all of his abilities are mana based, so if he has no mana pool he is much less dangerous.

At 50% Venoxis will transform into snake form and have his DPS increased a fair bit. Watch out for the poison clouds and the poison AoE spit that will be dropped frequently by the boss.

Once Venoxis is downed, simply kill the adds on a 1v1 basis and you will easily complete this encounter.

Bloodlord Mandokir

Mandokir is the third boss located in the Zul'Gurub Instance. He is not one of Hakkars high priests and does not have to be killed to kill fight Hakkar. He is located just past that of Venoxis, and up a large series of stairs.

Mobs Surrounding Mandokir

There are two different types of special MOBs in the room of Mandokir, raptors and troll Blooddrinkers. The raptors are easy mobs to handle and much like any other mob in the zone, they need to be tanked an brought down with standard DPS.

The Blooddrinkers pose a bit more of a problem, as they have a special AoE attack that deals 200-400 damage to all those in 20 yard range. The thing to worry about this AoE attack, is that it heals the Blooddrinker for all the damage done! It is essential to keep just the main tank within the 20 yard range, or you will be fighting this mob for quite some time.

There is also an ambassador in this room at the base of the temple. It is important to not aggro him or kill him until the room is cleaned. When he dies, the boss aggros from the top of the temple.

Before attacking the ambassadour it is critical that you allow all MOB bodies in the room to decay and disapear from the floor. Once the Boss is aggroed, ghosts will appear around the edge of the room. The ghosts ressurect anyone that is dead on the ground. This is why it is critical to not have bodies on the ground. They will resurect the mobs, just as readily as you and this fight is hard enough as it is.

Mandokir's Abilities

Mandokir has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Enrage: Whe Mandokir's Raptor dies, Mandokir himself will become enraged and hit for large chunks of damage (2000 damage) and has his normal attack speed increased by 80%. This will last for about 60 seconds.

AOE Fear: He has fear that effects up to 20 targets. If you let him get lose in the group this can cause serious issues.

Watching: Mandokir "watches" people, he announces this by saying "XXX I'm keeping my eye on you". While he is watching you you can not do anything (heal, attack, buff, etc) or he will break aggro and charge the person he's watching. When he does charge he attacks twice for about 2500 damage!

Leveling: As Mandokir kills players he gains experience. After a number of kills he will level and when he does this he gets buffed and grows in size! At a certain point (after a certian amount of levels gained) he yells "DING!!!", perhaps to sybilize the start of the real fight and he hits for even more damage (I have seen over 14,000 damage!).


First off, be sure to clear all the bodies in the room to prevent any ressurecting mobs. Next off, be sure to save the ambassador for last, as his death will aggro Mandokir. Once all these conditions are met, you are "safe" to engage.

It is nearly impossible to keep agro on this boss as he will randomly break and charge raid member, thus positioning is important.

Mandane on the Argent Dawn (EU server) had the following to say about the fight.

I recommend that the raid form a half circle that starts at corner of spearfence and runs around the MT and ends at the far wall, blocking the entrance for the boss so to speak (no need for the blocking part, but its just so you know how the halfcircle spans). Keep a distance of two persons apart between each.

Try killing the raptor ASAP, MT do Shieldwall, Shield and stay alive for those 90 seconds that Mandokir is enrage. Place a Warrior far away from the rest of the group as Mandokir charge the ones furthest away every second or third time. This will ease of the pressure on the main group.

When Mandokir starts to "watch" someone (as per his ability) they should stop doing anything and just wait for the ability to end. If a caster is hit by this "watch" attack, they will drop as the DPS is far too much to handle.

Once Mandokir hits the 10% health mark and "DINGS", everyone in the raid needs to switch to DPS and take him down as quickly as possible. There is no way to "stand" against him in this form, and he needs to be brought down by damage ASAP! Sometimes he will "DING" depending on players dying as well and not just 10% (it seems to be random). However he apparently does not always DING -- if you keep the dps steady and allow the tank to keep aggro, and never lose a player to death, he will not level up, and will never actually DING.

With all this in mind, Mandokir should be easy enough to down.

High Priestess Mar'li

Mar'li is the fourth boss located in the Zul'Gurub Instance. Her aspect is that of the "spider" her area is found in just under that of Mandokir and is easily recognizable by the webbing that fills the area.

Mobs Surrounding Mar'li

Spiders surround Marl'Li, and not your standard pull of 4-5 spiders. Pulls in Mar'li' zone come in about 10-15 in number of level 60 elite spiders and 1-2 larger spiders that break up (much like the spiders in UBRS) into several smaller spiders.

The large red spiders need to be tanked, while the lesser elite spiders need to be AoE'd to death by mages and warlocks. Beware of the special attack that the spiders drop down on those who they attack; it will leave your vision "wavy" as though your character is drunk.

Mar'li' Abilities

Mar'li has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Spider Summon: At the beginning of the fight Mar'Li will summon 4 spiders that will "grow" the longer they are alive. These spiders start at about 500-600 damage a hit but once fully grown and enraged, they can deal 1800 per hit! After the first 4, Mar'li will sporadically summon spiders as the fight continues.

Web: When Mar'li turns into her spider form (about 90% health), she will drop down a web attack that immobilizes all those effected, allowing her to break agro and attack other party members.

Silence: Mar'li unleashes an AoE silence when she transforms into her spider form. Stay away from her at this point or you will be unable to cast for about 5 seconds.

Life Leech: Mar'li heals herself through a dispellable life drain. This attack heals herself quite quickly and needs to be dispelled ASAP.

AOE Poison: This is a very nasty AOE poison effect that does 400-600 dps. You need to dispell it ASAP. Everyone in the group should have bandages handy, as the healers first prority is the 2 tanks.


You will need at least two tanks for this fight, as one needs to stick on Mar'li and another needs to be pitted against any of the spider spawns that pop up during the fight. The group should start scattered and then slowly move in once Mar'li transforms into her spider form.

The initial burst of 4 spider adds need to be pulled by a mage and then rooted with a frost nova. This will give ample time to AoE the spiders into dust while the main tank gets agro from Mar'li.

For the first 10% of health, the raid should just be dropping minimal DPS and conserving mana. Once Mar'li makes the shift into spider form, she needs to be tanked immediately to get agro (as the transformation will break it). Immediately after the transformation, Mar'Li will web those in range and they will disappear from her agro list. You will need your second tank to pickup agro from her at this point as she will go to the highest person not webbed. Continue to "flip-flop" tanks as needed for the remainder of the fight.

At about 40-30% health, Mar'li will shift back into troll form and use her life leech ability to regain health. Be sure to dispel this ASAP or she will become undefeatable and the group will wipe.

This is by no means an "easy" fight, and it may take a few tries to get her down. However the Mar'li battle is mainly add control (much like a Firelord in Molten Core) and if that is mastered, the rest of the battle will come.

We got the following suggestion on how to deal with the drukenness effect from Stormchaser on Medivh.

The "drunken poison" effect that those spiders hit you with can be annoying, but you can reduce the problems with it by disabling any full-screen shading effects (full-screen glow) before the battle if you use it. I know lots of people who still play with this effect on because they like how the world looks, but it's what forces the blurry screen when you get hit with this poison (much like getting drunk in IF during a guild meeting). :)

You still get hit by it's knock-down effect for the duration - and apparently anti-venom doesn't work on removing this - but it's manageable as long as you can see what you're attacking.

High Priest Thekal

Thekal is the fifth boss located in the Zul'Gurub Instance. His aspect is that of the "Tiger".

Thekal's Abilities

Thekal has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Heal: Thekal can heal himself as can his zealots. This heal is an instant heal ability. It is important to drain his mana quickly so he can be effectively fought.

Re-Animate: Unless Thekal and his two adds are killed withing ten seconds of each other, they will regenerate and come back to life. This is the exact same style of ressurection as the Core Hound Packs in Molten Core.

Knockback: In Tiger form, Thekal has an AE Knockback attack that sends players very far from the boss (it will also break agro).

Thekal's Charge: Thekal has a random charge attack that he will use to those inside his charge range. After making the charge attack, Thekal should return to the Main Tank, or the last person with agro.

Calling: After switching to Tiger form, Thekal can make a summon that calls forth 6 tiger adds. This can be interuppted and requires Thekal to use Mana.


Three tanks are a MUST for this fight; as Thekal and his two Zealot adds need to be tanked away from each other and brought down at roughly the same time. The party should be split evenly amongst the three, with a slight bit more DPS centered on Thekal to make sure that all three are downed at about the same time (within 10 seconds). If the three are not downed within 10 seconds of each other, they will end up rezzing and come back at full health.

The first phase is not really hard to manage, but requires that players pay attention to damage meters on the mobs (The "v" button will display this, or CTraid has Main Tank Tracking). With the above in mind, the first phase of the battle shouldn't be difficult..

Phase two of the fight is where things start to go "crazy". At 0% health, Thekal will transform into a large Tiger and also wipes his agro list, so the main tank needs to be on him right away or else he will run wild amongst the raid. A secondary tank should be ready to grab agro if needed as Thekal does a knockback attack at this point in the battle.

At this point, there should be an effort on behalf of the raid to deplete Thekal's mana and continue to keep him under 250 mana as much as possible; to prevent the summoning of Tiger adds. A third tank should also be dedicated to dealing with any Tigers that may show up during phase two.

If you feel confident in your abilities to deal with Thekal without using mana drain; it is best to have a Warlock/Druid tag team any adds that do come in. The Druid can sleep and the Warlock can fear any Tiger adds. While Feared/Sleeped, the Tiger adds should be DOTed, thus making them die rather quickly.

With a third tank to watch for adds, and his mana being kept under 250, Thekal should prove easy to down. Just be sure to keep the DPS up on him and watch that the main tank has agro after knockbacks!

High Priestess Arlokk

Arlokk is the sixth boss located in the Zul'Gurub Instance. Her aspect is that of the "panther".

Arlokk's Abilities

Arlokk has several abilities that she uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Summon: While Arlokk is alive, mobs of Panthers will be summoned around the area you are fighting her in. These mobs will consist of high level elite and non-elite panthers.

Stealth: At 3 points during the battle Arlokk will stealth and vanish from the fight. This leaves the party time to deal with the Panthers.

Hunters Mark: When this mark is placed on a player all panthers will attack that person until it fades. It lasts approx. 2 minutes. While a pain to the marked player who will need healing, it actually makes it very easy for other players to find the panthers and groups them up nicely for AOE effects.


Once the gong in the Temple which Arlokk resides in is hit, a rush of panthers will attack the raid as well as Arlokk. The ranged elements of the raid should be by the Gong while the Main Tank should be tanking in the middle of the room. For the first part of the fight, all DPS should be centered on Arlokk.

The healers need to watch out for Arlokk's "mark" and be sure to spam heal anyone unfortunate enough to recieve the debuff. DPS should be centered on Arlokk until she stealths, and not attacking the panthers because this battle relies heavily on downing Arlokk quickly.

After the first stealth, the party should center on killing the panthers as quickly as possible. When Arlokk returns, the panthers will spawn at an even quicker rate and need to be kept under control (AoE's, flash bombs, fear, etc, etc). All I can say here is that Frost Nova is your friend and should allow you some degree of crowd control with these mobs. Arlokk should stealth one more time before the final engagement with her.

One very simple way to deal with the adds in this encounteris to have 2 people assigned to tank them at either place where the panthers come out of. A warrior is best, but a paladin with consecration can do the job just fine too. Just have them there the whole encounter and heal them, they don't take too much damage and you can forget about the panther adds.

Jin'do the Hexxer

Jin'Do is the seventh boss of Zul'Gurub and is known as the "Hexxer". Jin'Do is located next to a pit filled with skeletons at the later portion of the Instance.

Hexxer's Abilities

Jin'do has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Curse of Shades: At random points during the fight, Jin'Do will place a curse on a member of the raid that simultaniously creates a shade mob. The shades are elite mobs with low health (roughly 1500) but can only be seen by those who are affected by the curse. The curse lasts roughly 15 seconds.

Teleport: Jin'Do will teleport members of the raid into a nearby "pit" that is filled with skeletons.

Healing Totem: The Hexxer will drop a healing totem that gradually increases his health. This totem has just over 1000 hp.

Mind Control Totem: Like his healing totem, Jin'Do drops a totem that will take control of a member of the raid. This totem also has just over 4000 health.


First off, it is best to have a mage put on "pit" duty, as there needs to be someone AEing the skeletons. The skeletons that are in Jin'Do's pit will respawn about 20 seconds after they have been killed, but someone needs to be able to take them all down and allow anyone teleported an escape chance.

DPS should be focused on the totems; with healing totems being the big priority and then mind control totems being taken down next. Members of the party who are mind controlled right away should be sheeped while the totems are destroyed, having less of an impact on the raid's health.

In regards to the shades that Jin'Do summons when he curses a member of the raid; they need to be killed ASAP as once the curse ends no one else can target them and if their numbers are not kept in check, they will wipe the raid. It has been stated that DOTing (Shadow Word: Pain, etc, etc) them will keep them under control since they have such low health (1500).

Once the totems are killed and the DPS begins to bear down on Jin'Do, it is essential that those recieving the curse in the raid center on killing shades and help control their population. Since every person who is cursed creates a shade, each person should be killing one shade. If the shades and totems are kept under control, Jin'Do will fall to concentrated DPS.


As with the other bosses you need to clear the pathways that lead up to Hakkar's altar. There should be 2 sets of humanoid MOBS patroling the area as well as small packs of Sons of Hakkar and soulflayers. Kill them all and then approach the altar.

Before you can kill Hakkar his 5 High Priests and Priestesses must be killed. They are Jeklik, Venoxis, Mar'li, Thekal and Arlokk. If you do not kill the them they will grant Hakkar the abilities shown below. With these abilities it will be very hard if not impossible to defeat him. We have heard of groups that have defeated him with 1 ability left active and rumors of 2. To our knowledge no one has been able to defeat him without any of the Priests being downed. This may change in time though.

Boss Left Undefeated Ability Granted to Hakkar
Arlokk 2 second gouge attack that clears aggro
Jeklik 1500 - 2000 damage AOE attack and an 8 second silence
Mar'li 6 second stun attack and clears aggro
Thekal Enrage attack that increases attack speed by 150%
Venoxis 800 damage poison attack to everyone in the raid


Hakkar has a few abilities that include an shadow attack, mind control, life leaching attack and more.

Corrupted Blood:

This is a ranged shadow damage attack that does around 1000 damage immediatly and then 200 damage every 2 seconds to the target and everyone within 15 yards. You must move away from players if you are the target and wait to be cleansed.

Mind Control:

When someone gets mind controlled you should sheep them as it is non-dispellable. The mind contol is only 10 seconds though so remember to cleanse / decurse them when they are back under player control. While affected by this mind control they gain a 150% movement speed and 100% attack speed increase. Hakkar will target the person that is highest on the aggro list every 15 seconds (after the last one has expired), so a new MC will be cast every 25 seconds.

Blood Siphon:

This is critical to the fight, every 90 seconds Hakkar does his 'life drain' attack which will freeze the the raid for about 5-8 seconds while it drains life and heals Hakkar For about 15%! If you let him do this repeatedly, you will never beat him. How do you beat this? Use his sons poison cloud against him. Whenever you kill a Son a cloud of poison forms that does 100 damage / every 3 seconds for 1 min. Time the killing of the sons and stay in the cload so that when he life drains you as many as possible are in the cload. You can tell it is working when the life drain changes color. Hakkar will take damage instead of healing. I have seen him drop up to 10% health when most of the raid are in the poison cloud. As a very nice bonus, when Hakkar is done with the poisoned life leach you will be cured.


Hakkar has a cleave attack that hits everyone in his front arc. Therefore the tanks shouyld have Hakkar facing away from the rest of the group.


If Hakkar has not been killed within 10 minutes, he becomes enraged. While enraged his damage and speed go up drastically. Unless he is dead or down to a few percent of health (1 or 2%) by this point, the raid will be a wipe.


The strategies used in ZG for many of the bosses have changed drastically since it's initial release. Probably none more than the Hakkar fight. Jeremy for the Emerald Dream server sent in an excellent update for the Hakkar fight, which is included in the new writup as follows.

The raid make-up really needs the following: 3 Tanks (optimal, if there are less then Pallies and Priests must be quick about dispelling sheep), 5 healers (3 for the tanks and 2 for the pullers and sheepers), 3 mages (at least...for sheeping purposes). The rest of the raid makeup is up to the raid leader.

The entire raid spreads out in front of Hakkar so that when Hakkar casts Corrupted Blood optimally only 1 person gets the debuff. Rogues should be on the center boards and their only job in this fight is to help kill the Sons. Healers should be in front of the center boards (and up a bit to keep the tanks in healing range) and spread out to enough to cover most of the battle area. One mage will be on the on the center boards to sheep a Son of Hakkar, the other two mages should be spread out to ensure that no matter where a tank runs under MC they can sheep them.

The three healers on the Tanks will be alternating targets between which ever tank has aggro. Everyone that has bandages should use them after every life drain to regain life and alleviate the drian on mana from the healers. The healers assigned to spot heal should only worry about someone if they are below 50%...Lightwell is moderately useful for those that don't have bandages or need heals and still can't bandage.

The fight starts by one of the Tanks being bubbled and charging and turning Hakkar to face the altar. After the first tank has Hakkar turned, the other tanks engage and try to make sure they are #2 on the threat chart (a threatmeter UI mod of some sort helps for this). When the tank with current aggro is MC'ed, a mage must promptly sheep the MC'ed tank (3 different macros to /target each tank and /cast sheep really help for this). With 3 tanks, it's not imparative that once MC wears off to dispell the sheep, with less than 3 tanks you much dispell as fast as possible.

Hakkar's first life drain is at 90 seconds into the fight. At about 45 seconds until the life drain a Son of Hakkar must be sheeped on the center boards with a mark above his head waiting to be slaughtered. Before 15 seconds until the life drain the Son must be killed and everyone must get poisoned by the poison cloud quickly and move quickly back into their positions to avoid Corrupted Blood hitting the entire raid. The only person that doesn't get poisoned is the tank with aggro, that person must keep Hakkar away from the gathered raid. A Son of Hakkar needs to be on the platform and sheeped 45 seconds before every life drain.

The fight is scripted and just repeats the sequence above over and over again. So you need to:

After the life drain all DPS stops and everyone bandages while the tanks regain aggro. DPS for this fight goes as follows:

Remember this is an endurance fight and requires the concentration of all members of the raid. If one person slips up, then it is almost certainly a wipe (you can reset by running down the stairs of the center boards). You can miss one or two poison life leaches and still win, but try not to as it makes the fight longer. It is a very long fight even if you have everything right, so conserve your mana. It will take a few attempts to get the timing and coordination down.